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3890 Field Rd. Shuqualak, MS 39361

Calyx Outfitters offers spring time hunters a chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.  You will have the opportunity to chase the eastern subspecies of turkeys which are the most challenging and most respected turkeys in the country. The land we hunt on is approximately 5,500 acres, and is as abundant with wild turkeys as anywhere a hunter will find in the southeast.

Our family settled in this area of east central Mississippi during the 1820s and now eight generations have worked the land here.  Cotton production was the main crop until the 1960s but has since been replaced with timber, grain crops, commercial hunting and, beginning in 1935, cattle.

Registered and Commercial Brangus Cattle




Welcome to Calyx Star Ranch.  We breed registered and commercial Brangus cattle that work in the Southeast. For the past 42 years, our cattle have been selected for a balance between performance, maternal and carcass traits and to add structural soundness and feed efficiency.  Our bulls produce high quality replacement females as well as top quality heavy weaning steers and feeder heifers.  Feedlot performance continues to improve.  "Bred for Meat and Maternal Characteristics" has always been more than just a slogan with us.

Calyx Star Ranch