Calyx Star Ranch


Brucellosis-free status was maintained for more than thirty years until that disease was eradicated from the southeastern United States and we have tested for Johnes disease since 1998 and persistently infected bovine viral diarrhea (PI BVD) since 2003.

Our beef quality assurance (BQA) certification has also been maintained since that program‘s inception in Mississippi. Our goal is to provide our cattle customers with high quality beef producing genetics at a fair price with complete health and production records that will benefit their operations, to make all our agricultural products be considered things of value by our other customers  and to be helpful to every person that we come in contact with. We are grateful to you, our customers of the past, and the gracious Lord of us all that has made these 180 plus years of existence possible.

Registered and Commercial Brangus Cattle

Our family settled in this area of east central Mississippi during the 1820s and now eight generations have worked the land here. Cotton production was the main crop until the 1960s but has since been replaced with timber, grain crops, commercial hunting and, beginning in 1935, cattle.

Calyx Star Ranch was formed in 1973 being named for the US Post Office, “Calyx”, that operated here from 1916 until 1955 and the “star” brand that dates from the early 1950s. The Brangus herd was begun in 1977 and is composed of both registered and commercial cattle.  We produce both spring and fall born calves and hold breeding bull sales in early March and early October of each year.

Artificial insemination (AI) has been used continuously since 1979 to bring in the best genetics of the Brangus breed and embryo transfer (ET) has been employed during portions of that period as well. Ultra sound measurements of carcass traits on both the registered and commercial cattle began in 2004 and actual kill data on fed steers has been recorded and analyzed as available since 2003.