Calyx Star Ranch


CSR Return of General

Reg: R10100529


DOB: 3/15/2007

A blast from the past, Return of General's sire, PLR General 128/9, was the cornerstone of our registered herd back in early 80s, whose sire was a legend in his own time, the original General - Brinks Carson 351.  At present Return of General has sired 225 calves and still going strong.


5K CSR Blanda 596W2  -  "Bat Man"

Reg: R10167618

DOB: 9/24/2009

Produced by ET from the 596R5 cow shown on our Donor page, Bat Man has, at present, produced 124 calves with an actual average birth weight average of 77 lbs.

Registered and Commercial Brangus Cattle

5K CSR Blanda 415X17 - "Robin"

Reg: R10180808

DOB: 2/6/2010

Also produced by ET from the 415N6 cow shown on the Donor page, Robin is actually this long - this picture was not stretched!  The 76 calves he has produced so far have an average actual birth weight of 81 lbs.